Inca Aerius 
In the land of empty clips, the man with the blade is king. 
sanguinariis -> sanguinary -> Involving or causing much bloodshed.
Independent Fallout New Vegas RP/Ask blog for a Legionary assassin named Aerius.

Cannibal. Predator. Murderer.

This blog will be NSFW on occasion - namely for violence and cannibalism. Anything mature or overly graphic will be placed under read mores. I will try to use trigger warnings as need be.

I will RP with any and all fandoms. AU can and will be accepted as applicable. Never fear hitting me up for an RP!


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Touch what is mine and I won’t even try to make your death look like an accident (◕‿◕✿)


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Trade with nevergonnatakeme, icon for Octavianscout.

I feel like this is the face that happens literally anitime Dalton rages at him.

For Octavian-mun, who won that flash-giveaway a while back.


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Boosting this for a friend who posted a dA entry here:

The below is written by her.

'For those who have Fur Affinity accounts I'd appreciate all assistance possible on this matter.
I know a number of my followers are familiar with this character: considering I RP’ed him for a while on Caiuka before it closed.

Well this user on FA has not only take the character, art that was commissioned for me of him, and claimed him of his own but refuses to remove the character even when politely asked by others to do so:

The top image are the ones she reposted. The bottom ones are the ones she took and reposted onto her account.

They continue to claim I sold them my character via paypal. I neither own nor use paypal nor have I ever once sold any of my characters to anyone else ever. I’m a design hoarder— the most I’ve ever done to get rid of characters with give them to :iconWhiteEclipse18: or :iconcantbreakthis:, neither of which has sold any of the designs they have gotten off of me for any sort of currency - irl or virtual.

She blocked me on FA so any help I can get (including boosting this) would be greatly appreciated.’


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        oɴce a killer,
                 ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs a killer.

              my hands are ᴄᴏᴠᴇʀᴇᴅ in blood.
                                      and not even your salty tears
                                           of ƒσяgινєηєѕѕ and ℓσνє,
                                                                      can ωαѕн away
                                                                the PAIN I have   c a u s e d .


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       I was created
                             to strip lungs 
                             of their breath
                     to destroy pretty little things
                     and burn them to the ground.
                                                 to bring the world to its knees
                                                 and hear my name spoken
                                                 only in fearful whispers

             I was created human
             but I was made
             to be
a monster.


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Just a reminder that I do run a Christine Royce sideblog and that she is currently available for plotting/thread for those who are interested.


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Rory hadn’t been ready for the legionary lashing out at him as he had his bloody foot on the trap trying to free him. So the sudden attack on his shoulder almost threw him completely off his feet with a surprised ‘jesUS’. He glared over at the man as he caught himself with his hand, enough to keep him mostly propped up. You’re fucking welcome.

The man had instantly pulled back however, and it wouldn’t be the first time a patient of his had gotten violent with him. It was just part of the job, especially if you were also a wanderer. It was mighty different in settlements. He hummed with annoyance as he finished pulling the trap apart to completely free the man’s leg.

Rory watched the man carefully, to see what he’d do with his new freedom, and wondering if he understood his words about the alcohol, and apparently he had. Good. That didn’t necessarily make this safer. The man had already lashed out once, but it /felt/ slightly safer to prepare the man fo the inevitable burning sensation he’d get.

"Right.. Just making sure there are no surprises. It’s probably slightly infected, but nothing you’ll lose the foot over. You’re lucky.."

 Rory grabbed the small bottle of alcohol from his bag, along with a roll of bandages. The small essentials he’d need for this takes (hopefully something that would be an easy finish and fucking leave). He didn’t dare bother touching the man’s leg for now. He didn’t need to. Instead just pouring the liquid straight onto the legionary’s injury.

The sensation of contact beneath his hand was one that was difficult at best to resist proceeding further with. There was enough aggression left in him in general and from the situation that he’d found himself within that he just wanted to rip something apart… and the medic was one hell of an exceedingly viable option in the long run with that. Aerius did not enjoy the prospect of having this man continuing to be so close to him without necessary destruction.

And his limited tendrils of what might be considered patience would not last long.

"Luck has nothing to do with it." Such notions were foolish at best, and easily dismissed as profligate behaviors and beliefs. Beneath him. Viper green eyes watched Rory’s movements closely as he waited to see if there was still going to be some sort of trickery to appear. Surely there would be at some point. Degenerates were always the same.

Aerius did not jerk away from the sensation of burning pain that crashed through his senses. He offered an audible huff, almost a snort, but seemed to accept and cope with the pain offered well enough. Relished it even - it was wonderful, that general reminder of how alive he truly was.


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I’m here because this is where I live. You handsome boys seem to be running amok, so it’s relieving to see such disciplined people.

These are Legion-controlled lands now. If you are not directly allied with us you need to remove yourself before I do it for you.



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You Legion types are pouring in since I said Cheese was my favorite. I’m not taking it back. I mean what I said and I said what I meant.

I could not care less who your favorite is, wench. Such matters do not concern me.