Inca Aerius 
In the land of empty clips, the man with the blade is king. 
sanguinariis -> sanguinary -> Involving or causing much bloodshed.
Independent Fallout New Vegas RP/Ask blog for a Legionary assassin named Aerius.

Cannibal. Predator. Murderer.

This blog will be NSFW on occasion - namely for violence and cannibalism. Anything mature or overly graphic will be placed under read mores. I will try to use trigger warnings as need be.

I will RP with any and all fandoms. AU can and will be accepted as applicable. Never fear hitting me up for an RP!


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                               the danger is,  [I’m dangerous]

                                   and i might just tear you

                                              A P A R T


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Hm, hardly a flinch. I wonder… does Caesar chop off your manhood on top of stripping you of your pride and personality? Wouldn’t put it past him. That Caesar’s one sick fuck, am I right?

[Grins.] My pride is untouched by the Legion.
As for Caesar – my own opinion of him doesn’t matter. If you are so curious, female, than perhaps you should go ask him for yourself. The attempt would be comical.


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                  ◞≪ you never could
                             c o n t r o l
                                               me  ▌≫


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Or what, you’ll put me on a cross? Try it. See what part of your anatomy you lose first. Here’s a hint: I’m aiming at yer dick.

[Almost subtly shifts his weight slightly, ready to springboard his weight to the side if the ghoul does choose to try to fire.] The cross is too kind for the decrepit like yourself. Burning you alive to rid the Mojave of your filth may be more.. promising.


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"Not mindlessly, no. I am very mindful of what your slaughter will bring, and have long since known the consequences of it. I am not hungry in this moment, so I see little reason to stain my hands with your blood." Several of the hands that sat bundled beneath him rose, crackling as they moved to gather their owner’s hair into a loose tie of frayed cloth. 

"Suicide is futile. Satisfying your hunger with my flesh. Should you survive the radiation, then you have deserved as much." 

"Are you a coward?" The words were blunt, brutally so, but Aerius couldn’t understand this mutant. Why wouldn’t he defend himself? Why wouldn’t he cling so savagely to life as so many others desired to? It was a maddening at best and a frustrated snarl bubbled up from the young redhead’s chest as he paced several steps restlessly to his immediate right.

Fight me. Resist. Be a challenge when I rip your heart out of your chest.”


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88 plays

So I’ll break it
Knowing what you said
The pain is what you make it
Sadly you are so mistaken
I will take you with a grain
And step into the changes
Throw away the empty heart


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                                                     the road to hell was paved
                                                     with the bones of men who
                                                     did not know when to quit


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sanguinariis started following you

[She holds up her gun.] Ehh, fuckin’ skirts… Behave yourself and I won’t shoot you in your danglers. 

[His lip curls, a guttural snarl evident even around his words.] Remove yourself immediately, profligate.


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                                     I traded   E V E R Y T H I N G   for this

                                                                         and now it’s gone


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He doesn’t seem surprised by the reply- only a glance made to the legionary before he bowed his head. 

"It does not matter anymore what happened to me. The radiation in my flesh will kill you- for me, you are nothing but a dead fool now. No monster, no equal." 

"You will not fight?"

Perhaps that question was an odd one - unexpected - but it had caused Aerius to pause, confused yet again as he tilted his head and stared at the mutated man. "You will not try to claim your own life?" Another. "You will go mindlessly into your own destruction?"

It was almost as if he were talking about himself too, in a displaced way.
Quincy had wanted such things for himself, but look where all that had gotten him anyway.